Vice Chair

Katelynn Vega is a Biomedical Engineer in the Class of 2020.

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We just moved our website!

Posted by Elizabeth Anderson, Webmaster In case you’re wondering why the dates of posts are weird, that’s why.  We got our WordPress blog on the Union server and that meant we had to start fresh from the one we had on the WordPress server.  No ads, no redirects! We’re still working on the design and some of the content.

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Club Communication

10/22/2013   SSTF facilitates communication between RPI’s environmental clubs, as well as communication related to sustainability between the environmental clubs and the RPI administration. Currently, SSTF is focusing on improving communication between RPI’s environmental clubs. A list has been created for environmental club officers. Another project to facilitate communication is a campus-wide Facebook group for RPI students belonging to sustainability clubs or just interested in sustainability.  This […]

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Sustainability Report 2014 Complete!

Find it here!

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