RPI Environmental Clubs & Groups (Spring 2019)

Student Sustainability Task Force (SSTF)

Meets Mondays 6:00-7:30 pm in Union Rooms 3510/3511

Green Havens

Meets Mondays 6:00-7:00 pm in Union Rooms 3510/3511

Food Recovery Network

Meets Mondays 6:00-7:00 pm in Union Rooms 3510/3511

Engineers for a Sustainable World (ESW)

GBM first Wednesday of every month at 7pm in Ellsworth (Union 3602)

Mexico Project Meetings every Wednesday at 7pm in Ellsworth (Union 3602)

Haiti Project Meetings every Tuesday at 4pm in Phalanx Room (Union 3502)

Engineers Without Borders (EWB)

General body meetings every other Thursday 6pm in Union 3606

Officer meetings Tuesdays 5pm in Union, 3606 (Shellnut Gallery, open to the public)

Project meetings Tuesdays 6pm in Union, 3606 (Shellnut Gallery).

Smart Lighting Sustainability Club

Meets Wednesdays at 5pm in CII 7128

Facebook Page

Terra Cafe

Serves organic and/or local lunches Wednesdays 11am-2pm in EMPAC. Vegan, vegetarian, and meat options available every week!

$8 or volunteer for 2 hours to get a free meal. Volunteering training Tuesdays at 4 pm in Union 3511

RPI site


RPI’s environmental living and learning community for first-year students learn more by clicking the link above.

Rensselaer Electric Vehicle

Meets Tuesdays at 8pm in Ricketts 212 and Saturdays at 12pm in Ricketts 001

RPI Society for Animals and Wildlife

Meets Mondays at 6pm in Union 3202

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