Power Shift 2011

Around 30 RPI students attended Power Shift 2011. Shout-out to organizer Kaori Bigler ’14 for all her hard work arranging transportation and lodging! Thanks also to the individuals who offered attendees places to stay.

The conference included keynote speeches by some of the most famous people in the environmental community, workshops to learn more about environmental issues and solutions, and organized discussions on how to work on an environmental campaign at our home institution.

Vasudha Members at Power Shift 2011IMG_1301
One of the speakersIMG_1297
Day OneIMG_1269
Day OneIMG_1266
Day OneIMG_1264
Day OneIMG_1259
Day Three DiscussionIMG_1356
The US CapitolIMG_1345
Exploring DCIMG_1339
Exploring DCIMG_1330
Most of the RPI delegationIMG_1323
Group WorkshopIMG_1313
Interesting paintingIMG_1306


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