The Student Sustainability Task Force (SSTF) is a student-led organization promoting and advocating for campus sustainability by providing a platform for collaboration and communication among the various clubs, faculty and staff. The SSTF seeks to integrate sustainability into all aspects of campus life, including education, research, operations and culture.

The idea of SSTF was conceived during a Pizza with the Cabinet in 2007. It officially formed by the Student Senate later that year, (under the Facilities committee know as the Finance, Facilities, and Advancement) with its by-laws approved in 2008. Students involved worked extensively with the administration to get some sustainability initiatives started. Some of the larger projects SSTF worked on with the administration during those early years included the Sustainability at Rensselaer Report (2007), Single Stream Recycling, and the Sustainability Charrette. Its Sustainability Report was approved by the Student Senate on February 9th, 2009.

SSTF gained Rensselaer Union status as a recognized club on November 18, 2009.  It keeps that status to this day, since that is the easiest logistically.  SSTF still sees itself as an organization that reaches out to, works with, and has involvement from staff, faculty, and the administration. It has worked with and/or offered advice to relevant Student Senate committees and projects.

SSTF members have gone to various conferences and events, often in partnership with other RPI environmental organizations.  SSTF helped organize a very successful Earth Week in April (2016). In the Fall 2015, two SSTF members attended the Environmental Consortium Conference. Power Shift, a national environmental conference held every other year, is one of these.  Events and club meetings can be found in the calendars below.

A full history of RPI’s environmental clubs is in the works!

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