AC9: Academic Research

AC 9: Academic Research—0/0

Rensselaer has a great deal of research—many of the faculty take part in research.  Instead of following the STARS credit (which would have required finding out all of the research at RPI and which of that research is focused on sustainability, a time-prohibitive task in the time frame allowed for this report), highlighted below are research groups that RPI has that focus on sustainability-related research.  This list is not necessarily all-inclusive.

What centers/research groups at RPI conduct sustainability research, and is this information publicly available?  What departments are they part of?


Center for Future Energy Systems


Energy Materials and Devices Lab

Lighting Research Center

Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Research Lab

Center for Architecture Science and Ecology

Baruch ’60 Center for Biochemical Solar Energy Research

Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship


STS research groups: EcoEd, Hydrofracking

Infrastructural Resilience, Sustainability, and Stewardship research umbrella

Report prepared by Elizabeth Anderson ’14 based on STARS 2.0.  Please credit her and SSTF in any citations or mentions of this work.  Find credit methodology here.
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This credit was last updated May 2014.

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