AC8: Campus as a Living Laboratory

AC 8: Campus as a Living Laboratory—2.8/4

Is RPI utilizing its campus as a living laboratory in any of the following areas?

  • Air & Climate—Yes
  • Buildings—None known
  • Dining Services/Food—None known
  • Energy—Yes
  • Grounds—None known
  • Purchasing—None known
  • Transportation—Yes
  • Waste—Yes
  • Water—Yes
  • Coordination, Planning & Governance—None known
  • Diversity & Affordability—None known
  • Health, Wellbeing & Work—None known
  • Investment—Yes
  • Public Engagement—Yes
  • Other (please specify)

Students in independent studies, research, or thesis courses may do research in any of the above areas.  A centralized listing of all of these is not kept.  All of those above marked yes are because of specific projects the author knows about.

Report prepared by Elizabeth Anderson ’14 based on STARS 2.0.  Please credit her and SSTF in any citations or mentions of this work.  Find credit methodology here.
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This credit was last updated May 2014.

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