AC3: Undergraduate Program

AC 3: Undergraduate Program—3/3
Does RPI have at least one sustainability focused major?


RPI has an Environmental Engineering major offered in the School of Engineering, a Sustainability Studies major offered in the Science and Technology Studies Department/School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences, and an Environmental Science major offered in the School of Science.

AC3 Graph

This graph demonstrates how many students graduated from the different undergraduate and graduate sustainability-focused programs over the last three years.  The single Sustainability Studies major who graduated in 2012-13 was a dual major with a different first-named major.  The numbers on the left side signify the numbers of students (Information from email conversation with Sharon Kunkel, Registrar).

In 2009, RPI did not have the Sustainability Studies major, though an Electrical Power Engineering program did exist.

 Does RPI offer one or more sustainability focused minors?


RPI has minors for Environmental Engineering, Environmental Science, Interschool Minor in Energy, Interschool Minor in Energy (SHSS), and Sustainability Studies.

April 2015 Note: Since the Report was completed, six additional dual or single Sustainability Studies majors have graduated from Rensselaer.  Updated information to expand the graph may prove useful, though it would not increase credits.

Report prepared by Elizabeth Anderson ’14 based on STARS 2.0.  Please credit her and SSTF in any citations or mentions of this work.  Find credit methodology here.
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This credit was last updated May 2014.

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