Student Sustainability Task Force

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Farmers Market

Current Status: Ran for several semesters, currently inactive.

Next steps: Need someone to run the market.

Get Involved: Check out the website for more information and contact to get involved.

Performance Plans

Current Status: SSTF has, in the past, worked with various offices to help incorporate the goals of sustainability into their plans.

Next steps: Make contact with offices we want to work with and help them research some of the best practices that could help their office be more sustainable.

Get Involved: Contact for more information or to get involved.


Current Status:  We have partnered with Sodexo, Environmental Site Services, and Promethean Revolution (a student start up) to create a pilot project. This should be rolling out over the summer and aims to be in place for the fall semester.

Next steps: Implement pilot this summer and fall, assuming successful tests, we will expand to a larger system in the spring or next summer.

Further eventual steps include the possibility of developing a composting system which includes all sorts of meters and probes to monitor the process and serve as an educational site for RPI students and perhaps reach out to troy high.

Get Involved: Contact for more information or to get involved.


Current Status: Several years ago, we won second place in the NYSAR3 and Alcoa competition for our single stream recycling video, giving us 600 recycling bins to distribute around campus etc. RPI has single stream recycling now, which means that anything that can be recycled is placed in the same bin.

Next steps:

Get Involved: Watch and spread the educational video and contact for more information or to get involved.

Office of Sustainability

Current Status: Many people in the administration have seen the need or a sustainability coordinator position, a work order has been created, but we still need to find appropriate funding. As of February 2013, we are working on getting office space in Russell Sage Labs.

Next steps: Find funding for a year or two to get it started, hire someone, train them.

Get Involved: Check out the Sustainability Clearinghouse for more information and contact to get involved.

Greening Campus Dining

Current Status: This is an ongoing project whereby we work with Sodexo to become more sustainable. They have been very helpful thus far and we have made several great steps including reduction of waste, increased local and organic sourcing, and Terra Café.

Next steps: Composting (see above), working with CDCG, seeking more opportunities for local sourcing, going tray free.

Get Involved: Contact for more information or to get involved.

Green Roof

Current Status: Complete.

Get Involved: Contact if you are interested in helping out. To learn more about the roof or to donate, click here.


Current Status: The Sustainability Clearinghouse Website ( is fully operational but needs many updates and tweaks.  The SSTF website ( has a temporary info page up but needs to be redesigned and re-imagined.

Next steps:  Go over the Sustainability Clearinghouse website and make notes of updates/changes then work with Steve Morris to implement them.  Work with me and anyone else interested to design a useful and informational SSTF website.

Get Involved: We need a couple people to take charge of the design and eventually will need some people interested in helping code the new website. Contact if you have any ideas for the website or if you want to take on any of these roles.

Face The Waste

Current Status: Face the Waste is an yearly event with the goal of showing the campus how much we waste and start a conversation about how to reduce this.

Next steps: Develop the message behind it a bit more and make it easier to implement every year.

Get Involved: Contact for more information or to get involved.


Current Status:  We have some growing space inside the greenhouse and a plot outside the greenhouse.  We also have some seeds. We are also working to get some space for Capital District Community Gardens (CDCG) to grow food with us and some local high school kids through their produce project. This may start in the fall but will probably wait until spring.

Next steps:  Plan and plant some crops for the summer and plant some starts for fall so we can hit the ground running with some food for Terra Café, continue to develop the relationship with CDCG.

Get Involved: Contact if you are interested in helping out with the summer garden or the produce project/CDCG collaboration.