SEP’s “Let’s Talk Classes” Event

From SEP:


Hi guys! I’m Joelle Woodson, president of the Society of Environmental Professionals (SEP). We’re doing a pretty cool event Tuesday night, and would love you guys to come out!

Need to take an STS or environmental course, and don’t know which ones to take? Join RPI’s Society of Environmental Professionals Tuesday evening to discuss the various environmental classes offered here at RPI from a student perspective. We are going to go through the classes we’ve taken, professors we’ve had, and overall experience when taking these courses.

This meeting will be an open discussion, any and all are welcome. This will be very valuable to students just entering the environmental or sustainability field. Also for those unsure of what to take this coming spring. So come out find out what there is to like (and dislike) about a variety of environmental and sustainability courses here at RPI.

This is a very informal discussion, please feel free to come chat with us, we’ll help you out!

THERE WILL BE FOOD (probably pizza).

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