Green Revolving Fund Presented to Student Senate

On Monday, 11/10, SSTF Chair Elizabeth Anderson presented the current progress of the Green Revolving Fund proposal to the Student Senate.  We currently have some research and part of one proposal, for solar panels, finished.  We need to write the proposal for the actual GRF and its governance.  We would also like to have three complete project proposals that could be used as the first […]

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SEP’s “Let’s Talk Classes” Event

From SEP:   Hi guys! I’m Joelle Woodson, president of the Society of Environmental Professionals (SEP). We’re doing a pretty cool event Tuesday night, and would love you guys to come out! Need to take an STS or environmental course, and don’t know which ones to take? Join RPI’s Society of Environmental Professionals Tuesday evening to discuss the various environmental classes offered here at RPI from […]

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