Project: Sustainability Report



During summer 2008, several students used AASHE’s standards to create a Sustainability at Rensselaer report.  Now,  five years later, it is time to start creating a new Sustainability Report.   The goal of this project is to complete the report by the end of Spring Semester 2014.

September 2013: Meet with previous planners, begin dividing up tasks.
October 2013: Begin contacting RPI faculty and staff who either know information we need or know other people who would be better contacts.
November 2013: Continue with above, compile information.
February 2014: Compile information and write report; finish gathering any information not already gathered.
March 2014: Finish report, proofread.
April 2014: Report comes out.

Meetings for the fall will be on Thursdays at 5pm in the Environmental Education Center (Games Room of the Union) starting on September 19th.

Elizabeth Anderson will be taking the lead for this effort; email sustainabilityreport(at)union(dot)rpi(dot)edu if you would like to get involved.  Please do not send general emails to this email; instead, please use sstf(at)union(dot)rpi(dot)edu.